I have been working on modeling the patterns of students online learning, analyzing the associations between learning behavior patterns and final performances, and applied learning strategies, and learning motivations. Then, based on the identified associations to provide individualized interventions to facilitate students’ learning process. Besides, I am also interested in students’ learning process like the differences of learning traces involved in the knowledge or skill acquisition process. If you are interested in our projects, please feel free to contact with me, I would be more than happy to conduct any kinds of collaborations.

Ph.D. student,College of Education, University of Florida, 2019.8.-Present

Ph.D. student, College of Education, Texas Tech University, 2017.8-2019.8

M.S. student, College of Computer Science, Texas Tech University, 2018.8-2019.8

M.S., College of Computer Science, Taiyuan University of Technology,China (2012.7-2015.7)

B.S., College of Computer Science, Lanzhou University, China (2009-2011, Exchange Student)

B.S.,College of Computer Science, Tarim University, China (2007-2011)

  1. Reviewer of AECT 2019
  2. Reviewer of AERA 2019
  3. Reviewer of iConference 2019
  4. Editor Board Member of EGSO in Texas Tech University, 2017-Present
  5. Member of Grade Appealing Committee in College of Education, Texas Tech University, 2018.9-2019.9